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Cross the Hurdles Web Network

We are pleased to announce that Cross the Hurdles (CTH) is taking yet another big initiative to bring the world to people with disabilities and vice versa. A new initiative by the name of “CTH Web Network” (CTHWN)

Cross the Hurdles(CTH) will now be providing the website hosting facility for the people with disability. This service is free of cost and is aimed at bringing the creative talents of the people to the forefront of Internet.

People with disabilities are full of creative energies. There are people with writing, music, photography talents and many more. We intend to help all these people to showcase their talents to the World through CTH.

Here is what we are offering you:

Benefits of this initiative:

All we need from your side is JUST an expression of interest.

So, are you ready to go online in a grander way?

For further details contact: