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Benefits Of Hiring PwDs

Reasons to Hire People with Disabilities
  • Employees with disabilities can fill the gap of labor shortage and be a source for continued need for staff.
  • Employees with disabilities have a high job performance rating and are more likely to develop with the company.
  • Employees with disabilities are more likely to be timely, demonstrate less absenteeism and have an innate drive to succeed.
  • Employees with disabilities have high retention rate.
  • Employees with disabilities relate to the customers with disabilities more efficiently and comfortably.
  • The costs of hiring staff, advertising, on-costs, induction and training can be reduced as generally there is less turnover for employees with disability
  • A work environment which has diverse workforce is more productive and more efficient.
  • People with disabilities bring valuable talents and insights that other employees cannot offer.
  • Candidates with disability generally have very good problem-solving skills, as they have been challenged to find creative ways to perform tasks others may take for granted.
  • Employees with disabilities most often excel in their field and are proud of it.
  • Employees with disabilities motivate other employees and have positive work ethos.
  • Companies that hire and accommodate people with disabilities receive tax benefits.
  • By employing people with disabilities an organization may gain more recognition from the community.