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CTH Story of Nagarjunrao Akula

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Nagarjunrao, a finance professional, a swimmer, a power lifter and above all a great human being. Being a sports person, Nagarjunrao is a well disciplined guy. He has learnt to accept not only victories but also defeats in the sporting way. He is an ambitious as well as a focused person who strives to create a life full of self respect and dignity for himself. He is emotional, sensitive and believes in close knit relationship. He is a great volunteer and is ready to help whosoever needs his expertise and guidance. He is full of positive energy and can motivate all around him. At present he contributing voluntarily as a financial expert for Cross the Hurdles.
How do you manage your day to day activities. Give a brief description i.e. with somebody's help or are you able to cope up with routine activities yourself?

I'm able to do all my daily chores on my own. it ranges from getting up from my bed to going office (IInd Floor without lift) and Managing all personal activities

How did you develop your interest in swimming?

An acquaintance told me to go for swimming for health. I rearranged my schedule to fit this. Within a short period of time I learnt and made successful attempts at State Level Competitions. I also attempted National Para Sports Meet.

Who has been the motivating force and your life and how has the person motivated you?

Foremost My Parents, then the list goes on ranging from my friends, elders, sometimes juniors, observations etc.

What do you think about marriage and life partner...I mean what kind of life partner would you like to have?

I am positive about my marriage and think that my prospective partner must be any one who can understand my world. Looks, caste, creed, status doesn't matter but she should be loyal from heart.

Where do you see yourself after 10 years from now?

I want to change people's perception towards people with disability. I want to be very successful in the Financial Sector and prove that nothing is impossible if you try harder.

There is no second thought on the matter that we are many times discriminated due to our problems. But if you face a situation, then how do you cope up with such feelings?

Very seldom I feel such things. If at all I feel that it or if it goes uncontrollable, then I cry in alone and make myself fit very soon.

What are your hobbies or leisure time activities?

Surfing internet, text to friends, networking, stamp collection.

How do you commute to the place of your work?

I have got Hero Honda Pleasure vehicle altered so its not a problem. I also use calipers along with crutches to walk.

Is your place of work fully accessible? If no, then how do you manage your activities there?

I have to ascend some 200 stairs daily for getting in and out of office. Apart from this all is well.

How do you react when people ask you about your disability or treat you differently because of your disability?

At first I tell them that nobody is happy in this world, everybody is blessed with a prefect blend of positive and negative sides of life. So there is no point in regretting with what we have. Instead we must enjoy everything as it comes our way. I also show them that I am no less than them either by action(I prefer)or by words.

What do you think of Cross the Hurdles?

It has been a long time being associated with Cross the Hurdles. Frankly speaki ng efforts taken by the team of CTH is really very remarkable and very commendable. They are always enthusiastically ready to serve those who need their services, especially Abha Madam. She is highly devoted lady.

Nagarjunrao Akula
Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Education: B-Com., Cost and Management Accountant, pursuing CA Final (along with Training/Internship) and LLB 1st Year
MaritalStatus: Single
Disability: Locomotor Disability (both lower limbs) 70%
Profession: Working with a Practicing Chartered Accountant also freelance tax adviser
Contact: contact@crossthehurdles.com

Quick Fire!

Favorite movie(s)

Iqbal, Guzarish, Tum Bin, Kaante, Sholay, Garam Masala, Golmal(all)

Favorite books

The secret, Power of Subconscious mind.

Favorite color

Electric Blue

Craziest thing that you have ever done in your life

Raced my Hero Honda Pleasure up to 75 KMPH, Underwater Swimming at a depth of 16ft

Most valuable thing that you have purchased till now

Knowledge(Foremost), Mobile, Laptop

If you are marooned on an island what 5 things you would like to keep with you Parents, Life Partner, Daily Needs, Laptop with Net Connection, and a Mobile

Favorite food

Anything which tastes good

Your biggest strength

Creativity, Connectivity/Networking

If you take birth again, who would you like to be born as

APJ Abdul Kalam

The thing(s) that you hate

Lie, Double crossing The first thing you do right after awaking up in the morning

Thankful to God for gifting me one more day to cherish life

The last thing you before falling asleep in the night

Bow to my parents

You prefer sons or daughters

Both 13.

Oft-repeated word/sentence by you

If you can control your mind, the body starts obeying

If world is going to be destroyed in next 5 minutes. What would you do during this time

Hug my near and dear ones

What will be your resolution on the new year

Be more innovative and achieve higher levels of hold my patience, no more anger

The best gift that somebody can offer to you


Your bedroom take fire what would you rescue at first

My life partner(when I get married)

The town/country that you want to visit

Jammu Kashmir, Manali, Switzerland, Australia.