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CTH Story of Nazir Kaderbhay

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Cross the Hurdles brings you the inspiring story of Mr. Nazir Kaderbhay who has achieved success despite of all the odds that came in her way. Here are the excerpts from our talk with Nazir.

Nazir Kaderbhay in his own words

Nazir Kadarbhay.JPG
My name is Nazir & I live in Bangalore, India. I was born in Madagascar and lived upto the age of 10 years old. Later on flied to India and did high school and was a fairly a good student. Sports played a big role in my life, as I used to be a gymnast and played tennis as well. I was into games and sports all through my school days. My first love was outdoors.As I was the first boy in the family after two sisters, I was petted by all. With all my wishes fulfilled and tantrums excused I never new the value of things and relationships were taken for granted. Gymnastics was the only thing that I took up seriously and it did give me enough of laurels. I got involved in gymnastics when I was 12 years old & was a national player. I was a star gymnast.I walked the thin air, literally. Loops, curves, double somersaults were passé for me.However, I had no idea how bad things could get and I was about to find out and my life would never be the same. From April 17th 1998, my life completely changed. One Friday evening, just "out of the blue" I lost my concentration during the practice session & had a major fall on my back & injured my spine. I became totally paralyzed (Quadraplegia) from the neck down within less than an hour. I just couldn't move myself. I fell from about 6 feet height & immediately my whole body became immobile. I could only move my eyes (not my head) and breath only a little.I was hospitalized for 4 months & lying in the ICU I could just look at the tiles of the roof. I couldn’t sleep. After years of lying flat on my back, I am able to sit on a wheelchair for longer hours. Two holes were drilled into my head and a traction weight was tied to it so that my head did not move by chance. I could swallow some fluids with great difficulty. This phase of life was a test for me. I was injured but I had to keep my mind intact. With no movement, sound or activity around me it became difficult for me to pass each second. I stretched my imagination in every direction. I relived every moment since my childhood went through everything that was in my mind but it was all too less to pass my time. But I could manage with all these memories. It was very difficult to handle the situation what I was in but I had no option other than being positive.A new battle began the day I was in my wheel chair. I've never lost hope and I still believe that one-day I will be on my feet again! I do have noticed tremendous improvements in my body over since few years. In the meantime, I'm trying to do the maximum I can to make my life as normal as possible. I just don't see any point in sitting around the whole day and mourn. This attitude of mine would carry me a long way and I’m sure it would inspire many others. I always had the opinion that lost days never return, moments once gone never take a back turn. Though pessimistic days were long in length still could keep my morale at my best.

Quick Fire!

1. Favorite movie(s)
Munna Bhai MBBS

2. Favorite books
World book of Encyclopidia

3. Favorite color
Ofcourse, baby PINK.

3. Craziest thing that you have ever done in your life
Nothing as of now.. Hope to do in near future.

4. Most Valuable thing that you have purchased till now
I guess, the things I got when I received my first salary.

5. If you are marooned on an island what 5 things you would like to keep with you
Mobile, laptop, ipod, Electric chair & none other than my angel.

6. Favorite food
Traditional Kerela food prepared during ONAM festival

7. Your biggest strength
My Mother

8. If you take birth again, who would you like to be born as?
None other than Nazir..

9. The thing(s) that you hate

10. The first thing you do right after awaking up in the morning
Thinking of God!

11. The last thing you before falling asleep in the night
Pray to the Almighty for the wonderful day he gave..

12. You prefer sons or daughters?
God gift..

13. Oft-repeated word/sentence by you
I am LEO, king of the jungle.

14. If world is going to be destroyed in next 5 minutes. What would you do during this time?
Pray to the lord and ask him to forgive for all my sins.

15. What was your resolution on the new year?
Sorry.. No resolutions for the only reason that life is un-predictable.

16. The best gift that somebody can offer to you?
Their love..

17. Your bedroom take fire what would you rescue at first?

18. The town/country that you want to visit?

19. If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?
My father

20. If you could change one thing your past, what would it be?
My fatefull day, 17th Aprill 1998.

1. Did you find any problems while you were doing your studies..I mean did lack of infrastructure in the Indian scenario pose any kind of problems for you?

I completed my graduation with the help of a scribe. I basically didn't have any problem with the infrastructure in the Indian scenario & with God’s grace could complete. I then decided to take up a career in the field of computer science & became a web-designer. I have learnt more than one computer language and have been trained in web-designing. My first opportunity was at Mahiti Infotech Ltd. & worked with them for 3 long years. Later, got an other opportunity to prove myself at Gopalan International School. Over here, worked for about 4 years & my job profile was to interact with the parents & coordinate the transport facility for their children. This was totally very different from web-designing but I love to taste everything in life.

2. How do you manage your day to day activities...a brief description...i.e. with somebody's help or you are able to cope up with routine activities yourself?

Yes my mother helps me & makes me ready for the office. At present, I am working for Mphasis BPO as an admin officer to my process. You know what! I have worked in different organization with different job profile but among all, I find this job a very challenging one. The reason, you get to know many things, where in, you need to think out of your box & exhibit the talent. I leave to work at 10:15 in the morning & back at 7:40 in the evening. You may be wondering how do I commute? Well, my company cab picks me up & drops me back. Once I reach office, I sit on my electric wheel chair & go round the campus. Late evening back home & spend the time with the family.

3.Tell us something about your family

A business family, I have been brought up in luxury, never denied things I wanted in life. My mother is my pillar of strength and encouragement, as are my three sisters and a brother. Their hope, their conviction that better days are in store for me, fuels me on.I am proud of my family.

4. Do you feel India is a disabled friendly country? What all needs to be done?

No way…. It is very sad to say that India is never disabled friendly. Let me give you an example: Tell me do you find ramps at banks, ATM’s, Shops, ect, ect.. I don’t say that there are absolutely no ramps in places & buildings. Yes, you do have it but in very few. Next, most important, do we have any accessible cars or vans for a physically challenged to travel sitting on his wheel chair? Lets take my example. As I said, I commute to office in the cab. How? The driver has to lift me & shift me to the seat of the cab. Do you know how painful is that? No one realize it. Now & then every automobile company launches new car in the market but did they ever think about physically challenged person as how he would commute? No.. I feel someone has to take a call on this issue. If foreign countries can have these facilities then why can’t our country India think about it?? How long we have to suffer? Someone has to think about it.

5. Have you ever been discriminated because of your disability?

I was never been discriminated at any point at my earlier company neither at the present one at Mphasis, an HP Company. I am very grateful to Meenu Bhambhani who supported me to work for Mphasis. In fact, my manager Nimrod Dias, is very understanding & my colleague Megalan Rajmanickam who have helped me to achieve the success as an admin officer. I am happy & grateful to all these people many more who have been a great support. Yes, outside environment people do look at you & stare, as though you are different. But that has never bothered me.

6. What would you like to change in your life if you got one chance to change?

I don’t think there’s need of any change in my life for the only reason that I have everything in life with the grace of Almighty.. Yes I would love to be back on my feet as early as possible. That’s it!

7. Have you ever felt any kind of emotional outbursts or complexes due to your physical status? If yes then how could you manage it??

At the beginning yes I felt it but could manage it thinking positively by saying, “so what”? I guess that was at the initial stage. Today, I have overcome everything. Nothing can shake me.

Today, I am very proud to say that I could achieve & lead a respectful life only with the help of my family member’s. They have been a great, great support to me. One thing is for sure that I’m able to reach this stage only because of my mother. She is very strong and have always encouraged me in what ever I do. I would say that if I wouldn’t have had this lovely family with me then God! Who knows where I would have landed. I’m very much proud of my family and to tell you all, that’s my backbone.

8. What are your hobbies or leisure time activities?

It is almost 12 years since the fateful day and I have learnt many things in life but not enough. My day involves meticulous planning, lots of exercise and of course entertainment. I love going for long drives & having to taste different delicious recipes. During the resting time, I switch on my music system & fall in to the dream land. I love listening to soft love songs. Hobbies… Nothing much just that getting in touch with different kinds of people & share happiness..While my fingers are still dead, my upper limbs show signs of life. And I wasted no time in putting it to use. With wooden club strapped to my palm to substitute fingers, I love to strike away diligently on the keyboard, a new passion in my life: the Computer. Gymnastics is not closed chapter, but till I am mobile, mastering the computer will be my focus.

9. How do you react when somebody pities you?

Pity… This is a small word but can break you into pieces provided you don’t give back. I don’t think anybody would pity me because of what I am. In the sense, if you are strong mentally, then people dare to show pity on you. If it happens then I would give them a stare & tell him to pity himself. Guys… Remember! Never ever let anyone know your weakness. That is when people will show pity on you.

10.Where do you find yourself few years from now?

Today, years later I am working hard to turn dreams to reality. I am hopeful that I will walk and run again. You will be surprised to know that I am am getting back into sports and planning to represent the country by taking part in the first Asian para games 2010 at Ghangzhou in China in December. Ramesh Tikaram, my trainer has full confidence that I would definitely be able to do so.

11. What message you would like to give to the persons suffering from some kind disabilities?

What have I learned and gained from this ‘episode’ in life? This is what I asked myself & would only tell you that I have learnt to respect life whether I’m able or disabled. I feel this is life to lead because I now realize what difficulties are. We don’t realize the value of life, it’s only when we tend to lose it that we know how important it is. I have gained respect for my life & I want all those challenged people to believe in themselves & think positive. Please remember nothing is impossible in life because Impossible itself says that I m possible. I would love to get people to contact me & guide them to overcome the hurdle they have in life. This is my motto in life. My email id is: nazirfk@gmail.com

Last but not the least, we have only one life to lead & make the best out of it. Remember, it is always better to forget than to remember and cry, for heal the past, live the present & dream the future.