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CTH Story of Rajni Garg

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Cross the Hurdles brings you the inspiring story of Ms. Rajni Garg who has achieved success despite of all the odds that came in her way. Here are the excepts from our talk with Ms. Garg.

Rajni Garg was born in 1979 at Mansa in Punjab.Both her legs got affected by polio at the age of 1 year, which made her dependent on crutches for the movement. Life was full of challenges after that but she did not surrender to the situation. She completed her schooling from a school at Bathinda district.She did M.Com from one of the best business schools of North India i.e. University Business School, Panjab University. She used to drive a scooter (fitted with extra wheel alignments), as she did not want to be dependent on others in any manner. She braved to drive around 30 kms. daily to attend her college and then back home.In Nov. 2000 she was recruited as Manager in The Punjab State Coop Bank Ltd. She is also an Associate Member of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai which is a premier institute for bankers in India and also did CAIIB from there. She stood first in India in one of the subjects of this course. She has also completed Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management conducted by Regional Institute of Cooperative Management in India, Chandigarh. Now she is a Senior Manager in the Bank.

Quick Fire!

1. Favorite movie(s)
Samay, Chupke Chupke, Golmaal (old), 3 idiots

2. Favorite books
Cannot name any one book.

3. Favorite color

4. Craziest thing that you have ever done in your life
Decision to walk upto a friend’s place, which was more than 1 kms away from my place.

5. Most Valuable thing that you have purchased till now
I think things, which I find valuable, cannot be purchased. But if we talk about the most expensive thing purchased so far then it’s my car.

6. If you are marooned on an island what 5 things you would like to keep with you
Cell phone, eatables, something which can play music, my handbag.

7. Favorite food
None as I like anything veg which is cooked nicely.

8. Your biggest strength
My self-confidence.

9. If you take birth again, whom would you like to be born as?

10. The thing(s) that you hate
Lies,hyprcricy and infidelity.

11 The first thing you do right after awaking up in the morning
Remember God.

12 The last thing you before falling asleep in the night
Say good night to my fiancé on phone

13. You prefer sons or daughters?

14. Oft-repeated word/sentence by you
OK, no issues, fine are the often-repeated words.

15 If world is going to be destroyed in next 5 minutes. What would you do during this time?
Nothing as I will still hope that it is not going to happen

16 What was your resolution on the New Year?
None as I don’t believe in New Year resolution concept.

17 The best gift that somebody can offer to you?
A surprise visit by my fiance.

18 Your bedroom takes fire what would you rescue at first?
I would of course rescue my self first.

19 The town/country that you want to visit?
I would love to visit kanyakumari. I have visited it once and will like to visit once more in my life.

20.If you can meet one person of your choice, dead or alive, known or not, who would this be?
My fiance.

21. If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be?
My childhood. I wish it was a happier one.

Female silhouette.png
1. Did you find any problems while you were doing your studies? I mean did lack of infrastructure in the Indian scenario pose any kind of problems for you?

Yes, I found a few difficulties during my study days especially in school. Sometimes classes were held upstairs and that too just for no justifiable reason which made it difficult for me to attend the class. However it was on rare occasions only and most of the teachers were very empathetic.

2. How do you manage your day-to-day activities...a brief description...i.e. with somebody's help or you are able to cope up with routine activities yourself?
Well…. as far as the routine tasks are concerned things have been adjusted in such a way that I am able to manage it on my own whether at my work place or home. But of course at times somebody’s help is required

3. How do your parents feel about your disability?
Like any other parent, initially they used to be very much anxious about my future and used to worry that how will I put up the things in my life. As I grew older those anxieties faded away and rather they feel proud of me now. But still sometimes they feel insecure and anxious. I think being parents it is very normal on their part.

4. Do you feel excess love and protection are essential for those with physical challenges?
As child comes to this world he/she needs to be loved and protected and disabled ones are no exception. I don’t think they require excess love and protection rather they should be made to feel that they are in no way different from others. But yes…there is a need to instill lot of confidence in them so that they can gear up to face the hurdles, which may come their way.

5. What would you like to change in your life if you got one chance to change?
Nothing, as I am quite happy and satisfied the way my life is. I am in fact very much thankful to God for this beautiful life and all the wonderful people in my life.

6. Do you feel India is a disabled friendly country? What all needs to be done?
There is no doubt that lately in India many steps have been taken to make the things easier for the disabled but still a lot needs to be done. Our buildings are not disabled friendly. Despite the compulsory norms stated in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995, most government buildings yet do not have full-fledged barrier-free architecture for the physically disabled.

7. Have you ever felt any kind of emotional outbursts or complexes due to your physical status? If yes then how could you manage it??
Well…as a kid sometimes I used to cry or have emotional outburst because I wanted to indulge in physical games like other kids. But now I don’t feel such complexes.

8. What are your hobbies or leisure time activities?
Soft and slow music, astrology, spending time with my friends and going out are my favorite pass time activities.

9. How do you react when somebody pities you?
Although now it has become rare but occasionally I come across such people who show a feeling of pity. But it hardly matters to me because I realize that everybody have their perspective of looking at the things and I also feel that nobody can make you feel inferior without your own permission.

10. What message you would like to give to the persons suffering from some kind disabilities?
Being physically disable does not mean that you are less than others. It just means that in certain matters yours needs are different from the others. I personally feel that one should try to realize one’s potential in other spheres be it academics, any sort of game, music etc. not only to be financially independent but also to boost one’s self esteem.

11. Have you ever been discriminated because of your disability?
No…I don’t recall any such occasion.

14. Now that you are getting married, and how did both of you come together and is it an arranged or love marriage?
We came to know each other through a matrimonial site and soon we developed a feeling of liking for each other and we knew that we wanted to spend rest of our lives together.

15. How does your fiance take your physical status?
My fiancé is gem of a person. He understands my limitations and is very supportive in everything I do and whatever I am unable to do.