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Cross the Hurdles' Online & Tele-Counseling

Know All About Us

People call it counselling the persons with disabilities; we call it “empowerment therapy”. It aids in coping up and healing by refocusing on the lives, understanding abilities and limitations, moving through the stages of loss and coming out the other side, and finding new ways to feel good about one’s own self. The motto of our counselling sessions is “Acknowledge, Admit, Adapt and Accept. Our, these services are free.

We assist in detoxifying thoughts and refill the psyche with spirituality which introduces a person to his real self so that he may objectively assess his situation. For the non disabled world our counselling is nothing less than a “feeling discipline”. The psychological impact of impairment has to be dealt carefully with empathy, congruence and positive regard.

We are dedicated towards:

  • Solving adjustment problems
  • Supporting people to stay mentally healthy
  • Counseling relating to sexual matters
  • Improving interpersonal relationships
  • Educational Guidance
  • Career counseling and vocational decision making
  • Helping in self expression and personality development
  • Building confidence

For further information mail us at crossthehurdles@gmail.com