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Cross the Hurdles' Post Polio Syndrome Awareness Program

Know All About Us

Cross the Hurdles is committed to work in the direction of educating people on Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) and its management and coping up. We would like to make people aware about how to prevent further physical and emotional damage. This year long campaign would be carried out in different phases. Our activities would involve:

  • Organizing workshops on the issue
  • Releasing education material, whether audio/visual or in print, on management and coping up of PPS. It may include: Management of weakness, Management of Pain, Management of Fatigue
  • Providing counselling to the polio survivors
  • Collecting data through surveys and questionnaires
  • Sharing survivors’ own narrative of their ongoing conditions
  • Involving media to spread awareness on the issue
  • Involving experts and organizing discussions and holding webinars