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Cross the Hurdles' Web Network

Know All About Us

Cross the Hurdles(CTH) provides the website hosting facility for the people with disability. This service is free of cost and is aimed at bringing the creative talents of the people to the forefront of Internet.

People with disabilities are full of creative energies. There are people with writing, music, photography talents and many more. We intend to help all these people to showcase their talents to the world through Cross the Hurdles.

Here is what we are offer:

  • FREE and dedicated web address in the form of www.crossthehurdles.org/
  • FREE web space to host your website pages
  • FREE assistance in developing your web page
  • FREE maintenance of your website
  • FREE promotion of your website through Internet
  • FREE technical advice on how to improve your web presence

AND we will help in establishing your ONLINE SHOPS FREE OF COST!Here, however, only CTH will decide whether to go for a shop or not.

For further details contact: