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Disability Pride

Disability Pride

Our body or some parts of our body may be weak but "Our Souls Are Not Disabled".Take pride in what you are.

Take Pride Against The Prejudice

Accept and honor your uniqueness.See it as a natural and beautiful part of human diversity.Pride comes when we celebrate our own heritage, culture, unique experiences and contributions.We Are Not The Victims, We Are The Survivors!!

  • Disability Pride recognizes the power that we can make changes.
  • Disability Pride is there when we are able to challenge and undo the negative beliefs, attitudes, and feelings and systematic oppression that comes from the dominate groups’ who think that there is something wrong with our identify or our disabilities.
  • Disability Pride rejects shame and the need to “blend in”.
  • Disability Pride is acceptance of self and validation of our uniqueness.
  • Disability Pride results in making choices which are based on the respect for interdependence, accommodations, and creativity.
  • Disability Pride is the feeling of strong connection with a community of other people.
  • Disability Pride recognizes that it is our uniqueness that will transform all people and institutions.