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Driving Honda Activa Scooter

Driving Honda Activa Scooter

by An anonymous Reader

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I am a polio patient.But still I manage to drive Activa to the place of my work or everywhere I want to go.I would like to say that the Activa is with two wheels attached both the side which helps in balancing. I have got it customized with two small steps on the wheels which help me to climb on the Activa. Then just like other Start and drive as there is no fear to fall down or fear of imbalance. After reaching my office, one of my office colleagues gives me my wheelchair near the wheels and I get down the steps then sit on the wheelchair. My colleague parks the Activa wherever it needs to be parked. I manage my office work on wheelchair the whole day and when coming back to home again repeat the same process to climb on Activa.

Just to share my experience with you, I was too scared before driving but believe me its nothing in front the struggles we face in every day life. Surely one has to build up a great self - confidence and there is lot of fun in driving and being independent.

For the license, same procedure has to be followed like other vehicles.I was asked to give a test drive and then was issued the license. This modification on Activa can be made by any authorized dealer of Activa, Just we need to explain our requirements. I got it done from Indore. This kind of customization can be made to any two vehicle.

Honda Activa is the incorporation of innovative design for better riding posture; ease of driving for great stability on the road; and convenient body line for easier and faster maintenance. Activa provides 8 bhp of maximum power through its 109 cc engine. With all these features Honda Activa takes a strong lead in the un-geared scooter market.

Honda Activa is recommended for its more practical and conservative styling, ease of use, better ride quality and the improved 109 cc engine. The scooter is also known as a family two-wheeler for its higher load carrying capacity. The vehicle has the option of kick- and self-start.

Activa incorporates better rider comfort and includes the puncture-resistant "tuff-up" tyre and tube combination. It has low riding height and low noise 4-cycle engine. It gives the mileage of about 45 km per litre in the long run.

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