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General tips for interview


Several type of employment interviews are there. If one is familiar with them, one can prepare for interviews in a better way.

Patterned Interview: It has a structured format. Questions are prepared in advance about certain predetermined areas.

Non-Directive Interview: It has a flexible format. The questions are not prepared in advance. The interviewer is more of an active listener in this type of interview.

Group Interview: It has a panel format. The members of the panel alternately ask questions to the applicant.

Interviews can be stressful events. You need to take care of following things:

  • You must dress appropriately for the type of job for which you are applying.
  • You need to arrive 15-20 minutes early
  • You should shake hands only if a hand is offered
  • You should decline any refreshment
  • You need to take an extra copy of resume with you. Carry a completed generic application with you
  • You must know the Organization.Your knowledge of the prospective employer will contribute to the positive image you want to create. Research the organization before the interview
  • You must start interview through introductions and small talk
  • You have to be Honest. You must tell the interviewer about your work skills, strengths and experience, including any volunteer work you have done.
  • You have to present yourself as a positive person with skills to offer the employer
  • You need to describe work-related experiences. If you don't have some specific kind of experience, say so. Indicate your willingness to learn new skills.
  • You must answer all questions
  • You must answer with confidence
  • You need not give unnecessary information
  • You should not discuss about your disability at the time of interview
  • You should not take notes during an interview
  • It is you, who must close the interview
  • You must show your interest in the job you are seeking and in the business
  • Smile and speak clearly
  • You must nor be disheartened and shouldn’t give up if you don’t get a job immediately. You have to keep trying. One should look upon each interview as a learning experience. It can help you get the job you want