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My interview

My interview
Am I dreaming too high?
by Mohini Sharma

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Am I dreaming too high? Of course I do. I am dreaming a job for me; I am dreaming a job for my wheelchair. Moreover to it I am seeking job in India. Should I pity on my disability or should I pity on my country or better I pity on government who is handicapped itself. Do I shout loud to make people understand about my needs or I just compromise and be happy with self employment of minimum salary?

Do I pat my parents back and tell them that I will look after you when you are old or I pray to god to keep them young forever so they can look after me for the whole life. These questions that swirl in my mind every time when I get interview call. Going for an interview is only big war in country like India that needed to be fight to get job. For me getting interview call means not only the interview there are many things hide behind this call. It brings along lot of struggle with thousands of hope.

A hope of better life, a hope of financial independence, a hope of social interaction and much more a hope of being a proud daughter of your old parents.

The call not only brings hope but come along with many struggles. I asked my family at least 20 times before interview, is elevator working? The journey for which abled-bodied spend Rs 30 I spent sixty times more. I needed to hire a wheelchair accessible van so that I could carry myself with dignity that cost Rs 1800 per day. Of course the dignity for disabled is too costly in India. Thanks to the disabled unfriendly infrastructure. Which ultimately leads to calling so many friends if they are free to accompany you with your father for interview venue? At the interview venue do as many things as possible of your own so that you can show you are much independent you are!

Make sure of everything twice as you are not eligible to make mistake as being on a wheelchair as you have already committed one. And don’t even dare to postpone your call, You might never get a golden chance again.(as company is already doing favor by calling you for interview).

And after doing these all exercises some time you return empty handed to disappoint your family. You can return empty handed but don’t forget to bring along smile on your lips and twinkling dreams in your eyes that you took along with you in morning so you can keep alive spirit and enthusiasm in your family for the next interview.

So what was there that failed you in the interview? Well it could be the number of excuses. It can be traveling distances, office infrastructure, your laser movement due to your disability or anticipated fire that can harm your life (as per my friend’s personal experience) or it might be a simple aptitude test.

Just getting failed in an aptitude test can question your working ability? Of course its general rule for many companies that candidates who don’t clear aptitude test, they are not eligible for the next round. And the disabled only ask for equal opportunity. So here is an equal opportunity for you! Though we cannot get equal opportunity everywhere but at least in recruitment process and interview we can provide this opportunity.

Yes yes!!! We ask for equal opportunity and we are welcome for every such opportunity no matter whatever it is. In fact its far better reason than anything else of being failed in interview. We never asked for a favor, we always ask for an opportunity. We proved ourselves in every aspect of life whether it is struggle of school, college, traveling in public transport various extra classes or whatever it is. We have done it and we have succeed in it.

So why not in an office? We are better employees with always a ready attitude. We are great problem solvers as we do it from our childhood. We are better administrator as we know better how to manage every small or big tasks. We are better managers as we have degree in getting things done by others. And we don’t do MBAs for these , life teaches us these things from childhood.

Yes we are loyal, trustful; dedicated we don’t jump from company to company for hike of few thousands. For us love and trust come first than money.

Yes I am dreaming high because I have never learned to dream low. And I know how to turn my dream in reality.

May be it is difficult today but not impossible.

The author writes regularly for CTH. She may be contacted at contact@crossthehurdles.com