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My view of life

A view of my life
A suggestion
by Nira Rajpal


As I was reading some of the posts on here a thought came to my mind. Just to share it with you all.

I too have polio from childhood and nothing stopped me from doing anything,I used to walk with a limp but never used any devices, yes, but I never went out alone.I always had my sister or brother accompanying me. When I was in India I gave private tuition to kids, and I can say today those kids have made their places in the main stream,and their parents proud.

20 year ago I moved to Canada due to some family reasons, I did not take up a job, but worked as volunteer at school and then at adult care center, where all sorts of chronic patients come. Some had Alzheimer, Parkinson,Depression,some were accidental cases and many other. When I was working with them I always remembered to thank god for what he had given me in spite my disability, my inner strength and a positive attitude. I have a smile that I pass it to every person I meet.

Over the time my condition has changed and now I use power wheelchair 24/7, post polio has made my limbs weaker and even broken the ligaments. I was a girl who could climb 6 floors of staircases but now cannot take a single step. Well it still doesn’t bother me I have four wheels now. I speed with this on the road.Isn't it funny! So it is how we take life...some start self pitying all the time but for some nothing stops.

The only difference in India and Canada is the accessibility for challenged people, in India we still are not accepted as equal to the normal people, majority still look upon as freaks and wonder why are we coming out in the main stream.It happened with me when I was in India in 2005.

In Canada I do not face this, I can go anywhere I want to.There are government run buses that pick you up from home to any place you want to go and you back. Be it work, hospital visit, movie or shopping. By 2012 all business facilities will be disable friendly that's going to be the law

My suggestion is why don't we compel the Indian government to buy some used buses from these countries and make life easy challenged people. Get the leaders and NGOs who are working for the disabled, to take steps toward this. Then people like me and others can reach their destination without worry,with spending less on taxis and without taking favors from friends to take them to places.

I wish all the best to you Abha for voicing the needs of physically challenged.


The author writes regularly for CTH and may be contacted at contact@crossthehurdles.com