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Cross the Hurdles is committed to remove the hurdles coming your way. We want you to move forward and live life to the fullest even in the wake of physical challenges. We believe that lack of information or ignorance can create major roadblocks and come in the way of our forward momentum in life.In today's world the person who is most well informed and best prepared to faced the problems, moves ahead.

But we alone cannot perform this Herculean task. We need your contributions too, to accomplish this. We would like to request you to send us your real life stories of struggle which you have faced due to your physical status,your views about things, instances of being discriminated, how you have fought for your rights, moments of being left alone and not been included in the mainstream and your acts of bravery when you have shown your inner strength.You can even share the useful information which you have with you. This can help us to get first hand genuine information and there can be a whole lot data collection which can prove beneficial to all of us !!

We want to give full credit to our contributors so we would publish your write ups in your names with your photographs.But the information has to be a genuine one. Our objective is to bring such issues to the surface level. We can sensitize the society towards our problems and needs. We need to work together !!