A lot needs to be done in implementation and getting the basics right for those who are conventionally known as handicaps. We even want to teach and counsel the parents.Informed,supportive parents are better able to make rational decisions for their child.Despite the social, religious, economic, political and geographical differences, most Indians consider disability as part of “karma of past life”.We need to change this mindset and replace it since this theory can result in inaction. But we want to inculcate a healthier thought process and have to engage in “karma in the present life” instead of cribbing over the “karma of past life”. We don’t promise to remove the physical barriers but we aim at removing the mental blocks,which prevent us from leading a healthy and satisfying life.

Cross the Hurdles is dedicated to work for the people with physical challenges in the areas of:

  • Their educational concerns
  • Their vocational decision making
  • Their inclusion in all walks of life
  • Developing their entrepreneurial abilities
  • Bringing out their hidden and latent potential in front of the world
  • Making them aware of their rights
  • Training them in problem solving skills
  • Training them in adjustment to their environment and interpersonal relationships
  • Preparing them to face the world independently
  • Providing them with latest and up to date information regarding assistive technologies available
  • Counselling them about their body image, confidence building, solving their sexual concerns and expression of their sexuality; and
  • Sensitizing the non disabled world

In short we just try to “Empower” those who feel disempowered due to their disabilities and social isolation.

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