The basic aims and objects for which Cross the Hurdles is formed and registered are the following:

  • To establish, promote, support and develop voluntary organizations engaged in social upliftment of people with disabilities ;
  • To focus attention on their career development and helping them to get placed in jobs making them financially independent;
  • To assist them in bringing their hidden potential to the surface level by providing vocational and career guidance;
  • To facilitate rehabilitation of people with disabilities through vocational; skill development, etc;
  • To work in the direction of solving their adjustment problems within their families and society;
  • To take steps to improve the availability of trained work force among the target group;
  • To encourage change and innovation and bring sharper technological focus on the selected target groups;
  • To provide opportunities for training and leadership, public service, effective organization, effective communication and public relations to office bearer and staff of voluntary organizations and individuals;
  • To help parents of PwDs by educating them on various aspects of the disability of their child;
  • To extend support for improving quality of life by taking care of their mental health;
  • To extend support by instituting scholarships or other means of achieving excellence in areas having a bearing on economic well being of the poor disabled;
  • To extend support to any activity relating to improvement in management, technology, product quality and productivity in various facets of economic life which will; directly or indirectly contribute to economic upliftment of the disabled;
  • To sensitize common people about the condition of people with disabilities;
  • To conduct research and studies to formulate innovative, creative and meaningful development programmes for the special people;
  • To publish and print literature, journals and articles for encouraging programmes for upliftment of the persons with physical challenges and produce movies, video films and souvenirs for the aforesaid purposes;
  • Improvement of the children with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Hearing Impairment, etc’s performance in their educational, vocational, psychological and physical sphere during their formative years of development with active participation of normal children, guardians and teachers;
  • Introduce specialized computer therapy software for people with Multiple Disabilities, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and Hearing Impairment and educate them on the powers of the Internet.
  • To help design innovative teaching materials, specialized computer software, computer projects, etc. To help empower a physically challenged people, by giving them rehabilitation, specialized and technical education and vocational training to make them contributing and honorable citizens;
  • To devote itself to improving the mental health and looking after their personality development so that they are able to feel independent and mentally strong;
  • To give psychological counseling, in person and online for people with disabilities, guardians, etc. living in various parts of India;
  • To create opportunity for social and cultural activities for mainstreaming of their talents;
  • To evolve strategies and schemes for people with disability in the form of mass media campaigns, community awareness programs, integrated education programs, help lines etc.

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